September Monthly Review

Every month I’ll be sharing with you some of the key statistics from GROW Radio.


I am simply sick to death of radio stations, companies and communities keeping their listener, website and social media statistics a secret and would love GROW Radio to be as transparent with our reporting as we possibly can be.


Here are the key stats for GROW Radio for September 2022.

GROW Radio Listener KPI’s

  • Number of Podcasts: 39
  • Number of listeners: 209
  • Number of unique listeners: 58
  • Peak Listeners: 4
  • Average time listened: 3:45 minutes
  • Top Countries: UK (77%), USA (20%), Sri Lanka and India (1% each)
  • Most popular day: 14th September (61 listeners)

Website KPI’s

  • Number of website views: 540
  • Number of website visits: 218
  • Views per person: 2.29
  • Top visited pages: welcome (73), become a guest (18) and get involved (10)

Social Media KPI’s

  • Total number of followers of social media: 414- Twitter (449), Facebook (126), Instagram (204) and LinkedIn (40)
  • Total people reached on social media: Twitter: 4,094- (3,844), Facebook (167), Instagram (66) and LinkedIn (17)
  • Number of Posts: 169- Twitter (51), Facebook (48), Instagram (35) and LinkedIn (35)

Other Milestones:

  • Radio Station launched on 14th September with 38 shows and 21 people in the Podcast Guest Directory

Thank you for reading and being part of GROW Radio. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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