Podcast Services at GROW Radio

We are here to make podcasting simple for you!

Podcasting is a fantastic way of sharing your story with your audience. We know that it might seem daunting starting or having your own Podcast so we have created a number of training, editing and management options to make sure you have the right level of support.

Having your own podcast can be a lot of work and will certainly take up more time than you might think it will.

Luckily, we have been working with different podcasts for over 8 years so we can advise you if it’s best for you to learn to do it yourself, or if it would be better for your business to outsource it.

Either way… Grow Radio can help you on your podcasting journey and if you want to discuss these options, book in for a FREE 20 minute chat!

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Training sessions for you and your team

Single One Hour Session


Set of Six, One Hour Sessions


Upcoming Events and Workshops

Upcoming Events

Podcast Production Packages

If time is an issue for you but you still want to have a Podcast, we can help you.

Based on a sub 60 minute Podcast, we can edit, upload your podcast and share the links with you from channels such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

This means you only have to record the content and not worry about all of the technical stuff!

We like to work with our clients on an on-going basis so we have designed three bundles that can be used depending on how often you would like to release your show.

(please not that this price doesn’t include the hosting your Podcast)

Set of 12 Podcasts

Great for a monthly podcast


Set of 26 Podcasts


Great for a weekly podcast

Payment plans are available upon request

Other Information

As part of working with GROW Radio, we would be happy to play your podcast on our radio station. Even better than that… we will upload and manage the content so you don’t have to!

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We offer a 50% discount to any Charity or a Community Interest Company who starts working with us at GROW Radio. If you would like to take up any of our services… please get in touch!

We understand that life might get in the way of your Podcasting plans and dreams so all of our packages and training sessions come without a sell by date.

If you need to take a break then that’s ok with us!

As well as editing and producing your Podcasts, here are some of the other services we have supported our clients with:

  • Create the introduction and outro using a professional voice-over artist
  • Create a bespoke graphics for your Podcast and episodes
  • Project managing your show
  • Organising your guests (from booking to marketing their episode)
  • Video editing and production of your Podcast
  • Uploading your shows onto YouTube or any other platforms
  • Create an individual page for your podcast on your website
  • Updating your website with new episodes or other marketing material

“I wanted to add a podcast to my marketing mix but had no idea where to start.

Gary guided me through with ideas on what content and format would work, took me through recording the episodes then took full control of the publishing and design – all things I don’t have the skill or knowledge to do myself.

Bookkeeping Basics podcast would not exist with Gary’s expertise and support”.

Alison Mead- Bookkeeping Basics Podcast

Exclusive Offer

Book a FREE call to get your show going!

Who doesn’t like a freebie? If you want a quick chat about an idea for your show, book in for a chat with Gary!