Advertise on GROW Radio

At GROW Radio, we want to give opportunities for businesses and community projects to get involved with all of the activities that we are doing.

From yearly sponsorships options to covering your event, GROW Radio has many different options to support you with your marketing goals.

Why should you sponsor or advertise on GROW Radio?

Here are a few reasons why sponsoring or advertising on GROW Radio would be beneficial for you, your business and your community.

  • It increases your brand awareness and reach online
  • Will separate you from your competition
  • You can customise your advertising packages based on your needs
  • You can update your advert at any time

Sponsorship Options


£199 per year
Limited to 10 spaces
  • Your adverts will be played once a fortnight on GROW Radio.
  • Your logo will feature on our website and on a social media post every other month.


£499 per year
Limited to 5 spaces
  • Your adverts will be played on GROW Radio once a week.
  • Your logo will feature on our website plus on a social media post at least once a month.


£1,999 per year
Limited to 1 space
  • You will have daily air-time on GROW Radio.
  • Your logo will be placed on our website, core social media posts and all newsletters.
  • Opportunities to talk at any in-person or on-line events.

What you see is what you get!

At GROW Radio, we believe that you should have as much information as possible about where you are advertising or sponsoring.

So to make sure you are kept up to date.. we will provide you with…

  • Monthly listener report
  • Activities that we are organising for the listeners, podcasters and sponsors
  • Quarterly performance reports and forward planning documents

Advertising Options


Starting from £199 per month

If you have a promotion, launch of product/sale or an event/festival… this is an option for you. We can create a bespoke package to support you.


Starting from £299 per day

If you have an event, GROW Radio could be part of it. We will feature your event on social media beforehand and on the event itself we can document your event live!


Starting from £399 per month

If you have an on-going campaign that you would like to shout out, this is the option for you. This gives you maximum flexibility to custom your advertising given your aims.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about any of the options or for GROW Radio to make a bespoke package for you… contact us and we will come up with a few ideas!