GROW Radio has launched!

On Wednesday 14th September, GROW Radio hit the internet airwaves to bring you a different podcast on the hour, every hour!

Featuring 38 Podcasts that range from spiritual to business tips, GROW Radio will be a central location for anyone who wants to get into Podcasting.

As well as listening to the shows on their allocated timeslot, people can get involved with each of the podcasts on their own individual page where people can listen to both on the GROW Radio website plus on their favourite podcasting platform (plus they can get in touch directly with the host).

Also… for people who want to become an guest on podcasts, the Podcast Guest Directory launched with 21 people.

Over the next few months we will be launching…

  • New Podcast Guest Directory (November)
  • Podcast Marketplace (December)
  • GREEN Grow (January)
  • Plus even more podcasts for you to listen to!

We hope you enjoy GROW Radio and we are looking forward to watching this platform grow and develop over the next few years!

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