What a month!

Since launching the website last month, we have been busy working on creating new pages, adding shows and spreading the word of GROW Radio to podcasters all aournd the country. 

Here are a few highlights that we wanted to share with you…

Start listening to Podcast on GROW Radio
We currently have 16 Podcasts signed up to GROW Radio with many more submitting their information over the next few weeks! These all have their own page where you can listen to their shows, connect with them on their socials plus get in touch with them. Take a look HERE for more information!

Become a guest on GROW Radio
If you would like to become a guest on one of the shows on GROW Radio, take a look HERE on how!

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities
From yearly sponsorships options to covering your event, GROW Radio has many different options to support you with your marketing goals. Take a look HERE for more information!

The future of GROW Radio
We believe in full transparency here at GROW Radio and that’s why we have outlined our plans for the next 5 years. Take a look HERE for more information!

We are in really exciting times here at GROW Radio so please get involved

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