Newton’s Nuggets

By Paul Newton and Jesse Lawrence

An entertaining podcast interviewing businessess owners, discussing business success and what that really means to them.

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Paul and Jesse talk sales, shows and MentalTheft news Newtons Nuggets

In this show we take a look back at our recent guests, Veronica Hanson, Andrew Bradley and Claire Butcher. Paul also brings a Nugget about honesty, and he and Jesse talks about sales and honesty. We also announce a Nuggeteer of the week, and have news for MentalTheft! We also have merch on our brand new website!————————————————————————– SponsorsBecome a sponsor of the show:————————————————————————– To be a guest on nuggets, sign up here: the MentalTheft book from here in the UK: Anywhere else in the world, go to Amazon as usual and search MentalTheft (one word).Thanks as usual to Jesse for making the magic happen: Check out Paul on: 
  1. Paul and Jesse talk sales, shows and MentalTheft news
  2. Learning to be a business owner – Claire Butcher clarifies training on Newton's Nuggets
  3. Why focussing on sleep will make you more productive – Andrew Bradley
  4. Newtons Nuggets Sharebox No. 1 – Matthew Ruddle on how to get started setting up a membership
  5. Adventure, excitement, a nomad seeks these things – with Veronica Hanson

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