Transparent GROW Radio

We believe that you should know as much as possible about each platform and many radio stations keep their statistics under lock and key.

Not us at GROW Radio!

Here is what we will be sharing…

  • Monthly listener report to show you who’s listening
  • Full website and social media review to show you our on-libe audience
  • The different GROW Radio phases 1-5 that covers the next 5 years
  • Yearly performance reports to show progress and forward planning documents to keep you updated with plans
The Future of GROW Radio

Take a look at what we have planned for GROW Radio over the next 5 years!

These are the reports we will sharing with you!

Sustainability Report

This report outlines our progress on the development phases and what sustainability steps we have taken.

Marketing Report

This report outline our statistics for our social media platforms, website, other marketing we are doing.

HR & Financial Report

Published every year, we will share our financial information with you plus activities we are doing with our team.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about transparent GROW Radio, what we are trying to achieve and how you can get involved… Let’s have a chat!