The Lady Rebel Leader Podcast

By Dr Erica Bowen

Is a mix of interview and solo episodes aimed at supporting women in all life leadership roles, be that parenting, entrepreneurship, leading projects, teams or organisations. The podcast will showcase new perspectives, big ideas as well as practical hints and tips to make women more effective leaders.

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Episode 9: Meet Erica – with Pam Herries The Lady Rebel Leader Podcast

So in this episode the tables are very firmly turned! My recent guest and impact superstar Pam Herries asked to interview me – she had some really good, juicy questions that I think help you to get a better sense of who I am, what motivates me and why Lady Rebel Leader.If you're intrigued to know which 'kind' of Lady Rebel Leader you are – you can take the quiz on my website
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  3. Episode 7: Creating Trust in Leadership with Emma Canter
  4. Episode 6. Harnessing Community and Collaboration for Positive Change with Dr Joanna Martin
  5. Episode 5. Time management may not be THE issue.