The Hope-Makers

By Dr Erica Bowen

The Hope – Makers is an interview-based podcast through which Erica speaks with individuals about how they have overcome adversity, and then changed that adversity into a source of helping others. Topics are wide ranging including overcoming cancer, anxiety, depression, suicidality and bereavement, to caregiving and resilience building.

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Episode 26. End of Season Review, with Erica. The Hope-Makers

So in this shorter than usual episode I reflect on what hosting The Hope-Makers has given me, and the lessons I've learned. It has been a hugely enriching experience and I have been humbled time and time again by the extraordinary ordinary people I have interviewed.I will be taking some time to consider how best to proceed with season 2, and if you would like to share ideas and thoughts of what you would like, even if it is 'more of the same please' then please let me know your thoughts by emailing
  1. Episode 26. End of Season Review, with Erica.
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