Death In Podville

By Fenland Films

10 Part Murder Mystery Audio Drama!

You can build a ‘New Town‘, but you can’t cover the secrets that lie beneath forever. This is what the developers thought back in 1986. Welcome to Wootton-on-the-Cam, a town with easy links to Cambridge and London, and a comfortable place to live with all the amenities you need on your doorstep.

Kenny Goldsmith was a civil servant who was found dead in 1986, near a popular beauty spot just outside the village of Great Wootton, a medieval village that was swallowed by the developing ‘New Town‘, burying all the secrets of the past.

Or so they thought.

Gemma Kingsley and Marie Coulson are a pair of investigative podcasters with a passion for trying to solving true crimes. Until they discover a real cold case on their very own doorstep. Using the information from a book by Robert Jennings, a retired police inspector turned author, the pair take on the case that could change their lives.

The pair track down surviving witnesses from the early 80s and try to build a picture of what actually happened.

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Interview with Chris Gregory 2022 – Bank Holiday Special Death in Podville

Join myself and Jodie as we are interviewed by Chris Gregory as part of a podcast on crearive Audio Dramas. It is produced under Alternative Stories and Fake Realities. You can also hear Chris in the amazing Dex Legacy podcast and as Dominic Kingsley in the Death in Podville.
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  2. End of Year 1 Update
  3. The Body in the Woods – Episode 10: The Truth Comes Out
  4. The Body in the Woods – Episode 9: Help From Unexpected Quarters
  5. The Body in the Woods – Episode 8: The Gallery