Brand Club

By Simon Clements

Brand Club is a show that looks at branding from many different angles, showing you what you should have in place to make your brand tick. Through solo episode with host Simon Clements, the visual brand architect, and a variety of hand-picked guests you will get a brand education that you can apply to your business and a new found motivation to take your presence to the next level.

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Brand Club – S1 E7 – Getting you Linked In with Gus Bhandal Brand Club – With the Visual Brand Architect, Simon Clements

Building relationships is vital to growing your network and therefore your business. Gus Bhandal is the Marketing Guru, helping his clients with all things social media and especially the number one business networking platform, LinkedIn. In this episode, Simon chats with Gus about common mistakes that people make on LinkedIn and how to really leverage the platform to grow yourself, your network and your business.  As always, if you enjoy the episode do let us know and if you could give us a share and leave a review, we would massively appreciate it.
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