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By Jim James

This show is for business owners who deserve to overcome being overlooked. My guests and I talk about strategies, tools and case studies to help fellow entrepreneurs get recognition for their business. Since starting the show over 150 entrepreneurs and experts have come onto the show, their interviews are then made into articles and those articles are curated into books which are available on Amazon and other online stores.

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Fighting back from bankruptcy, you should focus on this sales technique. The UnNoticed Entrepreneur

Karl Becker explains the sales strategy that he used to recover after a bankruptcy. Now he has written that into a book  entitled Iceberg Selling.On this episode he explains how to take back control and improve cash flow by closing more deals which he credits with this one key principle, that he explains on this podcast with Jim JamesKarl Becker , Founder and CEO at Improving Sales Performance.The UnNoticed Entrepreneur podcast  – Real world marketing strategies from entrepreneurs.Buyers Into Loyal Fans With Incentives Give away free marketing incentives including free hotel nights. Loom: Loom on. Meetings off. Record quick videos to update your team and cut down meetings by 29%.Viddyoze: Create client-grabbing videos Client-grabbing videos in just 3 clicks with the world's most powerful video animation platformTurn your ideas into unique products Create custom products with your own design!Turn your content into shareable videos Turn your talks, podcasts, videos, audios or streams into shareable videos in just a few clicks!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the showAm I adding value to you?If so – I'd like to ask you to support the show.In return, I will continue to bring massive value with two weekly shows, up to 3 hours per month of brilliant conversations and insights.Monthly subscriptions start at $3 per month. At $1 per hour, that's much less than the minimum wage, but we'll take what we can at this stage of the business.Of course, this is still free, but as an entrepreneur, the actual test of anything is if people are willing to pay for it.If I'm adding value to you, please support me by clicking the link now. Go ahead, make my day :)Support the show here.
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