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Idalis Asks and Answers is a podcast where I, Idalis the host discusses all things podcasting, pop culture, mental health, marriage and so much more! I also create polls & q&as that my listeners can join in at the end of my episodes ONLY on Spotify.

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Finally, ending season 3 of Idalis Asks and Answers so I leave you with the remaining chaos Idalis Asks & Answers

I’ve grown so much over the past 3 years doing Idalis Asks and Answers, but I’ve learned so much more within myself that I am very pleased to announce that season 4 will be coming back right before Christmas so stay tuned. I prolonged ending season 3 so hard. In this episode I discuss supporting people around me, but also standing my ground when I know for sure I’m uncomfortable. I went to a cousins birthday party, Dorney Parks Haunted Haunt w some clients and coworkers, also I went to visit my grandma in law. I had to deal with some tough situations at work that has tested my limits, but because I love my job (love is still a stretch) I will try anything once. Honeymoon details will be announced next season. Anthony will be joining me to tell this story because without him I wouldn’t do the story justice. I can’t promise he’ll keep his language clean, but I promise you it will be something to listen to. This year is coming to an end and like I’ve been mentioning I want to move forward in my life and go down another life/career path. I’m intrigued to see what I do in the near future and just the future in general. Thank you all for listening to me not make sense, or make a shit ton of sense lol. I even cried a few times. SEE you all soon. Cheers 🥂 to season 3! Bring on season 4. -IG: IdalisLogan , -Snapchat: ottissababy96, -Twitter: @idalis_logan, -TikTok: @idalis_logan &&& FB page : Idalis Asks and Answers — Send in a voice message:
  1. Finally, ending season 3 of Idalis Asks and Answers so I leave you with the remaining chaos
  2. I think I am finally ready to do what I want to do. Acting, podcaster, author and more
  3. It must be a Capricorn thing and 2024 is around the corner !
  4. I am not even sure where the time is going, but this is the last of the drama I saw myself in.
  5. New job and new stories; what else can go wrong? Oh yeah…forgetting to post.