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Podcast Services

If you’re looking for a personalised VoiceOver, an Podcast Editor or something else that would help your Podcast… take a look at our featured Podcast Services below!

Podcasting Made Simple Workshop: £125

If you want to find out how Podcasting could fit into your life, business and community… join us on the next Podcasting Made Simple workshop.

Podcasting Support Packages

Podcasting is a fantastic way of sharing your story with your audience. We know that it might seem daunting starting or having your own Podcast so we have created a number of training, editing and management options to make sure you have the right level of support.

Voice Overs for Podcast Intros, Outros & Ads: with Jodi Krangle

Sound is Powerful – Great Sound is Everything I love putting this tool to work for you. I want to make sure that your podcast presents a compelling audio picture to the world that will make people stop and pay attention. The voice you use for your intro, outro or ads can either make your podcast sound world class, or have your potential listeners tuning you out. And there’s nothing worse these days than being ignored. A well-thought-out sound will make it impossible for that to happen!

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