A Life Of Freedom

By Ayesh LKZ

Your source of inspiration and information on how and why you should Choose your own happiness, Pursue your passion and Design a life that fulfills you and make it your own

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Life as a Model and a Fashion Designer in NYC with Alexis Reed | Season 2 Episode 17 A Life of Freedom Podcast

Alexis Reed –  I am a self taught fashion designer from the age of nine. I began sewing as clothing never fit me well and so I would tailor my clothing. Eventually, it turned into making my own by learning the construction of other clothing and using them as patterns. I began selling to friends, their family members and even some teachers would order custom made garments. From there, I was running a business by age fourteen. From there, at the beginning age of Instagram and received a message from a photographer. He stated he liked my work, but wanted to get me in front of his camera to shoot. Once we had, by our third shoot, I started to become addicted to the feeling. Seeing myself from someone else’s perspective and allowing myself to be creative in my wardrobe, my designs and in my shoot concepts. It jump started the confidence I didn’t have growing up. From there, I fell in love with my work and learned to find love for myself.  I studied Graphic Design and mostly film photography during high school which gave me a lot of knowledge in more creative fields such as logo, package and web design. In the years of attending, we also learned how to work with all walks of Adobe programs, sub-dye printed on garments, and did animation along with photography. It wasn’t something I turned out to pursue, but it stimulated further creativity and I obtained knowledge I continue to use. I then went to college to study Fashion Merchandising and Business. There were more classes learning the end of the fashion industry, as well as learning business based knowledge. It wasn’t too long before I started finding the creative aspects of my major and becoming involved. I started doing fashion shows where I was learning basic runway, to then go on teaching runway classes in and outside of school with my classmates and putting on our school fashion shows. I did fashion shows outside of college, from local to NYFW. I also continued to expand my business while in college, working with a local stylist, Carmi Moore for a few years. To follow, I started to Fashion Weeks in Syracuse and eventually alongside Mae Richards in being a designer and model scout for CNYFW located in Utica, NY.   Since I started, I’ve traveled and invested a lot of time and money into myself and others to keep my modeling going so much that I was getting to the point of doing it full time along with my former job taking care of individuals with disabilities for almost eight years. It taught me to love your job, even if in all its faults, but if you stop loving it, to find something new that will. I began to save money as much as I could and made the jump to New York City, where I am currently working as a freelance and self managed model, full time.  Website:- https://alexisreedofficial.com/Portfolio :- https://alexisreedofficial.com/portfolio Designs:- https://alexisreedofficial.com/designsShoots :- https://alexisreedofficial.com/shootsTwitter:- https://twitter.com/lexi_lou_thurInstagram (Model Page) :- https://www.instagram.com/lexi_lou_thur/Instagram (Art) :- https://www.instagram.com/house.of.lex/Instagram (Designs) :-https://www.instagram.com/reed.the.label/   A Life of Freedom Podcast  A life of Freedom podcast is your source of inspiration and information on how and why you should choose your own happiness, pursue your passion and Design a life that fulfills you and make it your own Podcast: – https://linktr.ee/alifeoffreedom Signup with Wise (Transferwise). Send money abroad fast as possible and as cheap as possible :- https://wise.prf.hn/l/1AOo4VD (Affiliate Link) God Tier Dating :- https://www.godtierdating.com/ Facebook Group :- https://www.facebook.com/groups/2565277883767907 Instagram: – https://www.instagram.com/alifeoffreedompodcast/ Youtube: – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CPasbvv9321iSTTPGR6Tw Tiktok:- https://www.tiktok.com/@alifeoffreedom88 Patreon:- https://www.patreon.com/alifeoffreedom Allswell Mattress :- http://allswellhome.mvvx.net/7mky9Y (Affiliate Link)  High Status networking (Men of Action):-  https://m.moamentoring.com/3zxA3Q0 Join Hustle the Daily Newsletter :-  https://thehustle.co/join/?ref=455c4ee1cc
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