It’s Only 1 Month TO GO!!

They say that times goes quickly when you’re having fun and I am gong to be honest with you… setting up GROW Radio is so much fun that I only realised yesterday it’s now only 1 month till the station goes live!

Until then, there is so much you can do to get involved with GROW Radio as we currently have…

⭐️  25 Podcasts ready and waiting for you to enjoy on Our Shows page!
⭐️  11 podcasters signed up on our Podcast Guest Directory!
⭐️   6 different ways to showcase your business and community through Advertising and Sponsorship!

Currently I’m busy working behind the scenes setting up the radio station. What that actually means is creating the schedule, working with the hosts, updating the website and buying and importing lots of music to be played in-between the podcasts. 

Glamorous? NO! Fun? YES!

The main question is “Would I change a thing?” and the answer is a very easy not at all!

So what have we got planned for the next month? Here’s a little insight that many people won’t admit… I’ll be doing more of the same!

That means…

⭐️  More promoting GROW Radio!
⭐️  Signing up more Podcasts!
⭐️  Adding more people to the Podcast Guest Directory!
⭐️  Finalising the schedule and supporting the hosts with uploading their shows!

So with that in mind… let’s carry on and see where the next month takes us and if you have any questions about how you could get involved with GROW Radio… let’s have a chat!


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